SPC ECO – ‘Under My Skin’ (ECORE Mix) (2017)

Remember Curve? Shoegazy, alt-dancey something from the nineties. I mean, this was all from before my time obviously; Curve disbanded back in 2005 after a career that didn’t quite get them the praise they perhaps deserved. I had a good day the day I first heard Curve but that was maybe a half-decade or so after it was all over for them.

One half of that act, Dean Garcia, is now half of the incredibly prolific SPC ECO, which has been steadily releasing music since 2007 – there’s literally bucketloads on their Bandcamp, ranging from shoegaze to chilled electronica to droney noise and more. I had no idea. I’ve gone with the ECORE mix of the title track of their just-released EP because I’m in the mood for that shoegaze-meets-electronica thing today.


James Pilbrow


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