#122. Fascinator – ‘River Legs’ (2013)

As a highschooler, I was something of a casual fan of Johnny Mackay’s old band Children Collide. They brought a bit of nineties edge to Triple J who were then and to an extent still are preoccupied with wallpaper faux-indie music that occupies a spectrum between totally forgettable and totally punchable. Children Collide, though, were a bit dirty and a bit scuzzy before anyone outside Brisbane gave a shit about Violent Soho and Fender offsets. But yeah, I descended into a deep, deep Keith Richards kick (which led me all the way back to Robert Johnson and Leadbelly), so while I liked the band, they slipped out of my mind.

Now fast forward to a couple of months ago – I was at a gig to see a mate’s band, Plotz, open for a couple of bigger bands. Nick Allbrook was on the bill, as was his Spinning Top label-mate, Fascinator, whom I’d heard before – alt-dance vibes from someone who I assumed was a Perth-originating associate of the core Spinning Top collective. Then Lord Fascinator got up onstage and I went ‘oh, that’s the Children Collide fella? surely not!’, but it was. Sorry I didn’t check Fascinator out earlier. This is more my thing than Children Collide ever really was.

‘River Legs’ is a fairly straight-ahead psych rock tune – if you look at Fascinator’s more recent singles there’s more of a ’90s dance-crossover thing going on, which sounds much better live than on record, with shaman Mackay leading his congregation in worship.


James Pilbrow


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