116. Free Time – ‘All Four Seasons’ (2016)

Drown urself in more jangle pop.


Might as well rename Melbourne Jangle Pop Ocean because it kind of is exactly that right now. Dole-wave, bogan-wave, whatever you want to call it, it’s everywhere. Like, in 2012 everyone was a DJ. In 2016 everyone plays the something-or-other in a dole-wave band.

So if you’re going to be heard, you’ve really gotta stick out among a bunch of pretty strong chilled-out lo-fi and dream-pop bands, many of whom are labels like Rice Is Nice and Bedroom Suck, the latter of which is home to today’s main offender, Free Time. Why do they stand out? Well, for one, there’s a bit more energy. A bit of drive to the jangle. And furthermore, you don’t hear this and go ‘oh, Melbourne’. This could be from the East Coast of the US of A. There’s as much of a Kurt Vile vibe here as there is a Twerps vibe. So thanks for sticking out, Free Time. I like you.


James Pilbrow


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