#115. Trust Punks – ‘Paradise/angel-wire’ (2016)

In Zud. Thire’s sum tunes thire.


These lads from across the Tasman are really quite great young band that I caught at the Tote a few nights ago. To put it shortly, Trust Punks sit in the middle of an interesting blend of all the right post-punk influences – and a seamless blend of British and American sounds which a lot of other bands fail to pull off. Much more real than the mostly crappy post-punk revival of the early/mid-’00s.

That’s how it is. Intricate, Television-esque guitar lines, driving motorik-via-Wire beats, and almost bluesy, Cramps-y bass grooves on a few of the more driving songs (like this one) –¬†although they¬†sounded much fatter live than on record, where they’re a bit buried in the mix. And two very different vocalists who compliment each other well and really facilitate a wide range of different sounds and moods for the rest of the band – one an angry, barking punk dude and the other giving off a more introspective, mellow-voiced college rock vibe. (Y)

Watch this band. First new one I’ve seen in a while that has really blown me away.



James Pilbrow


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