#109. Ciccone Youth – ‘Two Cool Rock Chicks Listening to Neu!’ (1989)

Hello, is J there?

He’s there but he can’t talk. Or he don’t wanna talk. Fizzy, eardrum-shredding noise from this late-eighties Sonic Youth side project. Which I actually hadn’t ever listened to until the other day. All the then-members of Sonic Youth, plus Mike Watt, and, on this track, every1’s fave noise demigod J Mascis on the electric guitar.

The Whitey Album, from which this comes, was supposed to be a pisstake of Madonna and various other commercial pop acts, even featuring some odd hip-hop beats in a few places. And, quite literally, two cool rock chicks listening to ‘Negativland’ by Neu!.


James Pilbrow


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