#108. Pets With Pets – ‘Giants At The End Of Time’ (2006)

Cats with slaves.


One half of the earliest recording from Melb underground legends Pets With Pets, whose biggest claim to fame came a few years later when they were featured on a somewhat-maligned Neu! tribute album called Brand Neu!.¬†Which I should say wasn’t their fault at all – alongside excellent cuts from Ciccone Youth (you know, Sonic Youth), Primal Scream (‘Shoot Speed/Kill Light’ – what better?) and, appropriately enough, a song each from Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger (the latter with La Dusseldorf), for some reason there was an Oasis song on there. Oasis? SHieyieennneee en ye fookin coonts.

Anyway, back to Pets With Pets – they still exist intermittently and I unfortunately missed their most recent show at the Curtin a few months ago. Hope there’s another one soon.


James Pilbrow


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