#106. Kraftwerk – ‘Heavy Metal Kids’ (1971)

You have read that correctly.

Kraftwerk (the Schneider-Dinger-Rother version, of course) had this interesting proto-stoner metal jam in June 1971, which fortuitously was recorded live for Radio Bremen. This was while Ralf Hutter was off finding himself or something. Then he came back and then the Kraftwerk that you know happened. But before that, this was going on.

It’s not my favourite early-era Kraftwerk jam from the era but it’s nonetheless a testament to the forward-thinking musical minds of the three musicians here.


James Pilbrow


4 thoughts on “#106. Kraftwerk – ‘Heavy Metal Kids’ (1971)

  1. Never heard this before. Brilliantly brutal! When I wrote bout early Neu! I dropped in a ‘Beat Club’ clip of the Rother version of Kraftwerk – it’s great too but nowhere near as heavy as this.

    Startling archeology – thank you.

    1. Someone posted this on the Krautrock group on Facebook just the other day, I’d never heard it before myself.

      Must say I prefer the Beat Club jams to this but it’s still an interesting listen.

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