#104. Los Dug Dug’s – ‘Smog’ (1972)

How to be better than Santana.

With drugzz. Los Dug Dug’s (yeah, the apostrophe. I know…) started in Durango, Mexico in 1964 or so as a garage rock band, and must’ve sounded a bit out of place by 1972 when this tune came out, even if they did achieve some notoriety in their home country. Not out out of place in the sense of ‘they’re playing mid-sixties garage in 1972’-out of place but rather because of the pretty disparate sounds they managed to mash together – flutes, tribal-ish drums and guitars that went from garagey power chords to proto-stoner riffs at the snap of a finger. And, like, weed.

I found this band via an interview with John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees (probably on Noisey but I might be wrong) where he was talking about some of his favourite records.


James Pilbrow


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