#99. Faust – ‘Krautrock’ (1973)

This needs no explanation.

Other than it’s interesting the whole way through. Another one of the definitive instrumentals in the krautrock canon. Darker and scarier than Neu!’s ‘Hallogallo’, which sounds like a pop song next to it. Faust mysteriously ‘disappeared’ in 1975. I could make a shit joke about the Illuminati here but I’m not going to.


James Pilbrow


2 thoughts on “#99. Faust – ‘Krautrock’ (1973)

  1. A temporary disappearance only. I saw them live in Melbourne about five years ago (albeit with only two original members). There is also quite a large discography post 70s (though nothing to rival those original albums.

    Wrote a memoir piece on IV that remains one of my favourites.

    1. Yeah I knew they made a return (and some good reunion material) but I thought I’d play up the disappearance thing a bit….not something you can do so easily in this internet age we live in….

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