#98. The Demon Parade – ‘Succumb To A Feather’ (2016)

Refreshing, dance-y psychedelia amid a sea of bad BJM clones…


I must say the world’s in the middle of a bit of a psychedelia overload right now. Of course, I don’t expect that I’m going to like everything that I hear, and when something’s just a bit too derivative of something really great, I can’t help but imagine the chorus of ‘mehs’ coming from the mouths of just about anybody listening when some Tame Impala or Black Angels-lite tune comes on on your radio station or streaming service of choice. You can sound like another artist and get away with it to an extent if the music itself stands well on its own, but don’t expect to get away with sounding like some much-loved artist or song to cover up mediocre songwriting. But sometimes people get away with that too. Remember Kasabian?

The Demon Parade’s new song is in the former category – it sounds totally familiar, like plenty of neo-psychedelia has done, sitting somewhere in the space between The Beatles’ ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ and acid house-influenced alt-dance of Primal Scream’s Screamadelica. That territory’s a much-treaded ground but few manage to pull it off  memorably like these Melbourne fellas have done with ‘Succumb To A Feather’, especially when your yardsticks are loved, nay, worshiped bands like Tame Impala and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.


James Pilbrow


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