#93. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – ‘Evil Death Roll’ (2016)

If you’ve seen this band recently you might’ve noticed an increase in the percentage of the band members getting around in Metallica + Motorhead shirts.


And so yesterday marked the arrival of the inevitable metal-ish King Gizzard album, Nonagon Infinity, an infinity-looping album where all the tracks roll on into each other, including the finale, ‘Road Train’, looping right back into the opener, ‘Robot Stop’.

It’s still a Gizz album, so it’s awash with loose double-Keith Moon double-drum fills, motorik beats, lo-fi synths and Ambrose Kenny-Smith’s blues harp, but yeah, about half the songs verge on classic metal territory, classic here meaning old-school. Think Black Sabbath’s first album through Motörhead, early Iron Maiden and all the way to Metallica’s first few albums.

And it sounds like it was made to be an alternative soundtrack to Stephen Spielberg’s cult murder-truck chase movie Duel.

Of what’s on the album, the ‘Paranoid’-via NWOBHM trip ‘Evil Death Roll’ is my pick by a country mile.


James Pilbrow


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