#81. Plastic Waves – ‘Melancholy Sleep’ (2016)

Boston you’re my home.


This is the last track from Boston psych-rock newcomers Plastic Waves’ self-titled EP. Sitting somewhere between the droney retro-psych of the Brian Jonestown Massacre and Spacemen 3 and the phased-out, echo-drenched psych-pop of Pond circa Beard, Wives, Denim,  the band began in 2014 as the bedroom project of frontman Andre Bellido, who still does all of the recording and is backed up by four mates when playing live. Sound familiar?

While this may be a bit late to the party as far as this sort of music goes (as hard as it might be to beleive, Innerspeaker is nearly six years old), Plastic Waves is a strong offering from a young band, and psychedelia’s not a fad at this point and it’s not as though the mainstream’s filled with it, even if the mainstream’s fringes are. And besides, psychedelic rock is a broad genre that’s had many, many waves now besides the current one, so it’s not like they’re on the coat-tails of something that’s about to go out of favor.

These guys have just played at SXSW and have so far received at least one very positive review so far, so expect to hear a bit of hype about this band in the coming weeks.


James Pilbrow


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