#67. Ash Ra Tempel – ‘Amboss’ (1971)

Wait for it.

I’m not Krautrocked out yet, although I do feel like I should branch out a bit into other genres in the coming weeks because it’s been almost all German experimental music circa 1968-81 for a while now.

But, I digress. Here’s Ash Ra Tempel, who once collaborated with Timothy Leary, who Nixon called ‘the most dangerous man in America’ because he was a guy with a degree and a public profile who liked LSD. Never mind Watergate or all that ‘napalm’ stuff that your troops were using, hey Dicky?

This isn’t from the Leary collaboration – this is from their self-titled 1971 effort, and yeah, at nineteen minutes long, it might not be one for you, Tyler. But, listen. It’s just a band jamming. Lots of bands jam like this, okay, probably not anywhere near as well as this in most cases, but somewhat like this. But bands like Ash Ra Tempel clearly saw the merit of committing jams like these to wax instead of writing song-y prog songs like, I don’t know, some kind of ESL Deep Purple. Because that’s probably what Ash Ra Tempel might’ve sounded like if they’d gone for a more conventional thing. All that bluesy, proto-shreddy soloing just makes me think of Richie Blackmore and his wig.

Of course, one could argue that all the look-at-me fuzz-rock wig-out moments in a song like this aren’t really what many of the other Krautrockers and Krautrockettes were about at all but Ash Ra Tempel clearly didn’t give two shits about that.


James Pilbrow


2 thoughts on “#67. Ash Ra Tempel – ‘Amboss’ (1971)

  1. This album, the original, is something of a holy grail for fans of the diverse music lumped together as ‘krautrock’. I don’t have it, probably because I’m a stingy old bastard who is not willing to sell his firstborn for a long, unstructured kosmiche jam. Like Amon Duul (I not II), you really have to be in the mood for these trips.
    This morning, I am. So thanks James.

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