#64. Einstürzende Neubauten – ‘Kollaps’ (1981)

I’m ok, seriously.

I’m fine. In keeping with the menacing thing….here’s something to assault your senses. Blix Bargeld, sorely missed from The Bad Seeds, has been the vocalist and musical leader Einstürzende Neubauten since the get-go, and…..imagine if the noted crazy man Klaus Dinger was in a pissed-off, murderous mood all the time because Satan took away his drumming abilities then you’d probably end up somewhere around here.


James Pilbrow


6 thoughts on “#64. Einstürzende Neubauten – ‘Kollaps’ (1981)

      1. “I am the walrus”. “No you’re not,” said Little Nicola. It was actually mooted as the complete title at one point.
        (I enjoyed the music, btw. Not an outfit I’m familiar with though I’ve known about them of course). Cheers.

      2. Oh, right. Haha. I’d never really listened to this band much either although I knew Blixa was sort of its central figure, and I’m a big fan of the Bad Seeds so I’d always been meaning to check them out. What’s actually prompted me to give more of their music a listen is David Stubbs’ book, Future Days: Krautrock and the Building of Modern Germany, which I imagine you’re probably familiar with given your extensive knowledge (much more than mine) of all things Krautrock and Kosmiche. Interestingly, the book puts Einstürzende Neubauten in with all of the Krautrock bands, even though they didn’t come about until the early ’80s.

      3. Yeah, it’s a great read with one or two slightly disappointing omissions and, as you point out, a surprise inclusion too!
        I reckon I’d grab anything I saw of E N. It’s really good to be confronted now and then.

      4. Yeah, where was Klaus Weiss (of Niagara and others)?

        In a different world he might be up there with Liebezeit and Dinger.

        And yeah, I’ve been Youtubing the shit out of Neubauten the last few days – the later stuff gets a bit more accessible, I would say. At the expense of a lot of the rawness, though, of course. I only mean that in comparison to the early tracks like ‘Kollaps’, haha.

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