#62. Medicine – ‘Miss Drugstore’ (1992)

Forgotten cult shoegaze.

Your speakers aren’t broken. Actually, you know, maybe, they are broken. And maybe now that you’re listening to this song, they’re actually broken. This song reminds me of my car, because every song sounds like this through my car’s speakers. Probably why I like this somewhat-obscure ’90s shoegaze act, who hailed from LA, of all places.

Led by guitarist/sometime vocalist/producer/songwriter Brad Laner, Medicine, who were originally active between 1990 and 1995, have released six albums altogether, including two on Captured Tracks since re-forming in 2013. Pitchfork even went as far as describing Medicine as the closest thing the Americans ever had to their own Bloody Valentine. And, fittingly, in addition to Creation releasing their 1992 debut Shot Forth Self Living in the UK, from which this cut comes, Laner has a Kevin Shields-like history of procrasti-collaborating with all kinds of people, including Brian Eno and M83 He has, however, also explored IDM under the moniker Electric Company.

Of course, Medicine is a far more abrasive take on the grinding guitar sound that MBV and The Jesus and Mary Chain and a few other UK-based bands got towards in the mid-late eighties. But we’re cool with that. Until m b v hit the shelves a few years ago, dare I say it, Shot Forth Self Living was probably the closest thing there was to a third MBV record.


James Pilbrow


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