#61. Tangerine Dream – ‘Stratosfear’ (1976)

To make your head explode. 

I must say that as far as the bigger or more notable Krautrock acts go, I know a whole lot less about Tangerine Dream than I do about, say, Kraftwerk, or Can, or Neu!, but nonetheless, I’ve been listening. They started out making some pretty uncompromising, droney music (check out Zeit), which while certainly not without huge merit, just isn’t really my cup of tea most of the time. ‘Stratosfear’ and the album of the same name that it featured on marked the beginning of Tangerine Dream’s their shift to more melodic sounds, paving the way toward the foundational role that they played in the emergence of the Berlin School of electronic music in the late seventies.

Fun fact: Nick Mason of Pink Floyd did the original mix of the Stratosfear album, but there was a….dispute, and that version of the album has been lost to time.


James Pilbrow


2 thoughts on “#61. Tangerine Dream – ‘Stratosfear’ (1976)

  1. As someone who knows and loves both the early ‘Pink’ years and the Virgin albums (of which ‘Stratosfear’ is the second) I can easily hear how the smoother sounds of the second phase are easier to access.
    I love this album too, almost as much as its predecessor ‘Phaedra’.
    If it is of any interest, I’ve written on both the TD debut album and the next three (of which Zeit is the middle one).

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