#60. Kraftwerk – ‘Kakteen, Wüste, Sonne’ (1971)

Cactus, desert, sun, gigantic machines with lots of dials.

Yep, this is Kraftwerk featuring Michael Rother on guitar and Klaus Dinger on drums. I don’t think either of those two names need any introduction. Do you think they weren’t in the band long because both of them were so much prettier than Florian Schneider?

This performance comes from a brief period where Kraftwerk founder Ralf Hutter had temporarily left the band, in case you were wondering where he is. All that exists of this Schnieder-Rother-Dinger lineup are a few television performances from 1971 – Rother was only in the band for a short while that year, while Dinger had been a member since the previous year and had contributed drums on the song ‘Vom Himmel hoch’ on Kraftwerk’s self-tiled debut. Rother and Dinger departed the band at the same time in late 1971.

Note the clear similarities between this clip and, you know, the new band that the pair of them were soon to start.

Kraftwerk obviously changed a lot in the short few years between this and Autobahn, by which point I believe they had almost abandoned traditional instrumentation. And then those two beautiful, golden-haired fellows became Neu!


James Pilbrow


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