#50. The Brian Jonestown Massacre – ‘(David Bowie I Love You) Since I Was Six’ (1996)

Here’s a final little Bowie tribute.

Right now this seemed like the most appropriate Bowie homage I could think of. I saw Labyrinth when I was about six or so but I didn’t really get it. That was my introduction to the man, but I hadn’t knowingly heard any of his music at that point nor knew of its impact upon the world. By the time I hit my mid-teens, though, I was well into some of the early stuff like Space Oddity, and I had another big Bowie phase when I was about eighteen and someone played the “Heroes” album to me.

I read somewhere that Bowie had actually begun work on the followup to Blackstar before he passed. I wonder if any of that was completed and whether it may ever see the light of day. But I hope there isn’t some greedy relative or someone out there, plotting to leech off the royalties of as many posthumous releases as possible, you know, like certain relatives of Jimi Hendrix seem to have done….


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