#47. David Bowie – ‘Girl Loves Me’ (2016)

Where the fuck did Monday go, indeed.

It’s fitting that Bowie goes out on a high note with an album inspired by the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Death Grips.


And, yesterday was Monday…..


2 thoughts on “#47. David Bowie – ‘Girl Loves Me’ (2016)

    1. I listened to all of it on Youtube yesterday and I’m simply amazed by it. Regardless of its release coinciding with his death or anything like that, it’s a phenomenal album, and an album for now, as opposed to a great album by someone who was famous in the Seventies (like, for example, Keith Richards’ recent solo album).

      I’ll probably do a week’s worth of Bowie tracks on here, just some of my favourites.

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