#44. Can – ‘Vitamin C’ (UNKLE Remix) (1997)

You get to that.

So, here’s a late ’90s dance remix of  one of Can’s better-known tunes, from their 1972. UNKLE are the culprits, and if you haven’t heard UNKLE, well, you actually have heard UNKLE. Look at their Wikipedia page. If you bought a CD single by basically any respected British artist (or alternatively, an Oasis CD single) in the mid-late ’90s then you’ve heard an UNKLE mix of something.

I appreciate the irony of making one of Can’s most song-y songs into an extended, bass-driven groove track, which is what basically every other Damo Suzuki-era Can song is. Probably not intentional. That bass, though :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


James Pilbrow


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