#35. Spindrift – ‘The Wind’

Back out west.

On every musician or band’s Wikipedia page, there’s always that list of associated acts that more often than not is full of lesser-known acts, often fleeting or sporadic side projects, or members’ long-disbanded previous groups, which you may well end up knowing by name, but not by their music. Spindrift aren’t quite in either of those boats; they are their own band, but, they’ve at points shared members with two much more prominent West Coast psychedelic-ish bands, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Warlocks. Being associated with a more prominent act might bring more attention but inevitably tends towards unfavourable comparisons (look at how Pitchfork treats every Tame Impala offshoot). So being in a ‘related band’ is a double-edged sword, of sorts. And so along comes ‘The Wind’, like demented acid western homage to Norman Greenbaum’s ‘Spirit in the Sky’, of all things. It’s familiar territory, sure, but it nonetheless touches ground that Spindrift’s brother and sister bands do not.


James Pilbrow


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