#33. Michael Rother – ‘Feuerland’

Under-Europa Express. 

Some scientists have theorised that Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, has oceans beneath its frozen surface which could support life, perhaps similar to that which lives at the darkest depths of our own oceans.

If a team is ever sent there in my lifetime I am happy to donate a copy of Flammende Herzen for them to listen to in the submersible as they descend for the first time. If have a friend or relative who works at any space agency anywhere please do let them know of my willingness to make such a generous donation to their organisation.

I’d love to be paid to listen to Michael Rother while I explore a pitch black ocean full of alien fish. I think it’s safe to say that my window for the astronaut national draft has been and gone, though. I’m gonna go cry now.


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