#22. Ron Wood – ‘Take a Look at the Guy’

What Wood you do?

I read this man’s book last week. It was a pretty enjoyable, if somewhat predictable and cliched rock n’ roll tale. He doesn’t seem to be the grumpy, borderline psychotic outlaw that his partner in crime Mr. Richards comes across as. Naturally, as I read, I checked out some of his lesser known output. I love the Stones, and I love the Faces, but I hadn’t heard much of Ronnie’s fairly sizeable solo discography, though, so I gave his first album, I’ve Got My Own Album to Do, and, well, I enjoyed it a lot.

Did you know that once upon a time, Ronnie, or Woody, as he seems to like being called, passed out naked and his children painted his penis green as a joke?


Well, now you do.


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