#18. Blue Cheer – ‘Peace of Mind’

Psych moods seem to have overtaken me.

Apologies if I’m parroting the ponytail guitar store dudes who hate Tame Impala because they play synths now but Blue Cheer’s heavy, bluesy brand of psych was a massive, massive part of Tame’s early sound.

And you can see why. Perhaps the heaviest band of their day, remember they ever-so-slightly predated Led Zeppellin and Black Sabbath, and arguably. In 1969 this would’ve sounded as radical to many ears as Can or The Velvet Underground did.

There was much weirder stuff than this in 1969, obviously, and better stuff that has aged much better than this, and I don’t even really like metal nine times out of ten, but this grabs me nonetheless.


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