#13. John Frusciante – ‘My Smile is a Rifle’

Heroin addiction = this, apparently.

He probably needs no introduction. Your grandparents know who the Red Hot Chili Peppers are. Frusciante’s solo career, which is apparently done for good now, was always quite distinct from the sound of his former bad, touching on druggy sound collages, prog rock, electronica, some great, surprisingly straight singer-songwriter folk. It’s not for everyone, and is far too weird for most of the suburban guitar m3t@l t33n$ who seem to be the most vocal Chilis fans to get, but besides an unfortunate attempt at acid house under the alias Trickfinger, most of Frusciante’s solo work has been pretty good. Mostly no more revolutionary or groundbreaking than the best moments of his work in the Chilis, but, like his life as a Chili Pepper, highly creative and often left-field explorations and meldings of often disparate sounds and genres together. Case in point: ‘My Smile is a Rifle’ and its lo-fi, folk/Television/Nirvana vibes.


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