#10. Riz Ortolani – ‘Cannibal Holocaust Theme’

Improbable jizz jazz vibes.

Well, it’s one of those movies you read about when you’re 15 but then take a few years to get the balls to actually watch. So, I sat through this 90-plus minutes of cannibalism, rape, cannibalism, and rape and for some reason, this fairly chilled-out, almost yacht-rock level instrumental is the main musical motif throughout, soundtracking some actually really nice aerial shots and, surprisingly, accompanying some of the death/cannibalism scenes, which actually really worked quite well, in my opinion. Being a no-budget horror movie and all, the people who made it probably made it to the editing stage, needed to cut some some corners and went ‘well, can’t we just use the Riz Ortolani tune one more time?’.


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