Gum ‘Anethsetized Lesson’

As the ’10s go on, people branch out. Or at least, all good artists should. Nick Allbrook’s making trip-hop. Mac’s matured. King Gizzard continue to explore different themes, sometimes with brilliant results. Kurt Vile’s mostly ditched those Crazy Horse vibes. Anton Newcombe’s Krautrock and alt-dance dalliances (and lack of drug use) are yielding his best songs in well over decade. And Tame Impala would’ve sounded stale as hell if KayKay had just made Lonerism 2.

Guitar music suddenly sounds really fucking old. I’d be surprised if Kingswood’s longevity outlasted the life of the Australian car industry. And the Strokes may as well be Oldsmobile. They were good but what have they done since the early 2000s? I could say the same for a lot of bands of similar ilk. I don’t suddenly hate ‘guitar band’ rock. But it’s become boring and I think it’s about time a lot of guitar bands died and that kind of rock went away for a while. It’ll come back in time, in some form or other. It always does. There’s always a cycle. Right now, synths are everywhere and self-producing multi-instrumentalists rule the world, and for the moment, it’s pretty great.

Oh yeah and Jay Watson’s making funk-infused synth pop, enjoy!


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