Swim Deep – ‘Fueiho Boogie’


I’m looking forward to Swim Deep’s forthcoming album. They’ve said in the press that it’s going to be like a modern-day Screamadelica which is a huge, huge call that I’m just going to pretend I didn’t hear, but nonetheless, I’ve got some fairly high expectations.

I can see the comparison, kinda. They’re an indie band who might end up standing out from the crowd by making an alt-dance crossover and Screamadelica is the grandaddy. However, this and the other tracks I’ve listened to have more of an ’80s Hi-NRG vibe to them, so, it’s more mid-’80s Hacienda vibes than early-’90s Hacienda vibes to me, at least. But how the fuck do I know? I wasn’t even born then. Um, it sounds more like early New Order than it sounds like anything Primal Scream have made. Satisfied?

Oh and don’t pay attention to the lyrics, whatever you do. While we’re on the topic of Primal Scream, let’s just say that ‘Fueiho Boogie’s lyrics make Bobby Gillespie’s uneven, regurgitated Can lines sound like Hemingway could’ve written them, had MDMA been a thing in the ’20s.

If you like: New Order


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