Trickfinger – ‘After Below’

Trickfinger is John Frusciante’s newly-announced acid house project. He’s sick of conventional songwriting, so here we have it, the first track on Trickfinger’s self-titled, due April 7 on AcidTest.

This isn’t his first release under the Trickfinger name, though. That would be 2012’s two-song EP Sect in Sgt, which until now was just another weird footnote in Frusciante’s sprawling, weird discography. I’m not even going to try and keep track of everything he’s recorded on or contributed to; there’s just simply too much of it. But here’s a (small) snippet of what he’s done in the time since he parted ways with his most famous project:

Since he officially left the Red Hot Chili Peppers in 2009, Frusciante has released a bevy of albums on Record Collection, and produced the Wu-Tang-affiliated Black Knights.

What’s more is the fact that he’s deliberately done basically all of this outside and away from the Chilis’ massive fan base. He’s barely come close to the territory of his old band; even on the relatively accessible releases in the Frusciante catalog, like 2009’s Maggot Brain-aping psychedelic opus The Empyrean, or even if you delve back to his Chili Peppers days, to 2004’s mostly-acoustic Curtains. Then circa-2010 we get to his experimental synth period, comprising two albums and two EPs, as well as the aforementioned Sect in Sgt. This period wasn’t for everyone, including myself I must say, although I do really like the chaotic ‘Walls and Doors’ from 2012. But anyway, he’s totally done with traditional songwriting now. So now he’s making fairly-tradtional sounding experimental acid house. And now here we are.


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