Pond – ‘Elvis’ Flaming Star’

Pitchfork’s just premiered this new tune from Nick Allbrook and co. The home-made video is….well….classic these guys really.

There’s a synth-driven R&B thing going on in this tune not unlike that which predominated Pond’s third LP, 2010’s Frond. They’re not backtracking, though. This is more ambitious than anything on that effort (and the other new track we’ve heard from them recently, ‘Colouring the Streets’, sounds nothing like ‘Elvis’ Flaming Star’). Allbrook’s putting on a deeper, more mature-sounding voice, particularly in the Bowie-esque interlude where we see Mr. Paisley Adams in a leather jacket laying down in a bed of assorted flowers. Bon Jovi only wanted roses, man.

‘Elvis’ Flaming Star’ is the first single from Pond’s long-awaited (by their standards) sixth album, Man It Feels Like Space Again, which will be dropping in January. The album will be their first on their own label, Spinning Top Music, following their departure from Modular, which was also home to their sister-band Tame Impala.

I wonder how long it took them to get all the silly string out of Joe’s afro.

If you like: Frond-era Pond.

*Edit* Man It Feels Like Space Again is actually being released on Caroline Records (in the UK at least)


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