Vampires – Every Kind of Light EP (review)

Vampires are a Canadian band from America’s hat, Canadia.

What a flog. Anyway, this is Winnipeg-based Vampires’ recently-released EP, Every Kind of Light EP. It’s an EP.


Oh deer.

They’re a funny mix of things. They’ll start, as they do on the first track, ‘Not Waiting ’til Fall’, with an airy, dreamy intro before launching into some pummelling American rawk n’ rawllll. It’s all dirty guitars and shredded vocal chords.

‘Riff Rise’ has some great riffs (who could’ve guessed) but I kinda wish that they’d done a bit more with it. It’s a cool jam, but it’d do better as a song.

They switch gears on track three, which has a bit of a Kings of Leon hillbilly thing going on at the start, before the fuzz and the heavy drums kick in again at the end. ‘Winnipeg Song’ they call it. Northern Rock?

Vampires wisely save the best for last. ‘There’s No Kissing Anymore’ is a dirty blues rock stripper pole thing that I guess could foreseeably make women dance, even if they don’t want to be kissed anymore. This song reminds me (a tiny bit) of a Melbourne band called White Summer.

Solid. Very good drumming throughout.

If you like: Royal Blood.

Best track: ‘There’s No Kissing Anymore’


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