Violent Soho – ‘Fur Eyes’

Oh, but these guys aren’t exactly unknown, MATE why are you sharing their video?

Well….the video’s just been released today, and I only heard this track for the first time recently. The video has weird split screen things happening which make the weird-faced singer look a bit weirder. And it’s a good song ok?

Before I heard ‘Fur Eyes’, I just thought Violent Soho were an okay ’90s throwback band. I remember first hearing about them in 2010 or so when ‘Jesus Stole My Girlfriend’ was reviewed in some magazine that I was reading in a public library to procrastinate (words can’t explain how much I don’t miss Year 12).

I don’t remember if the review was positive or negative, but it did mention that they had a pretty authentic ’90s grunge sound going on, which appealed to me as a 17-year-old who was still very much in the middle of his Nirvana-and-Pearl Jam-are-the-best phase.

So, I checked out a few of their other songs, and let’s say I was pretty underwhelmed. Then I forgot about Violent Soho, and it seems like the rest of the world did as well: after that I don’t recall seeing their name anywhere again until last year, when Hungry Ghost was released.

Fast forward to now, and Violent Soho are probably the biggest up-and-coming rock band in Australia, and are set to release Hungry Ghost in the US later in the year. I’m sure the majority of listeners are totally unaware that it’s actually their third album, and that the band have been around in some form since 2004. Still, I heard ‘Covered in Chrome’ on the radio when it came out and it didn’t really grab me at all.

Then, a few weeks ago, I heard ‘Fur Eyes’ on Triple J in a friend’s car. It was kinda poppy, but kinda dirty, and still very, very ’90s-sounding. It was like an Australianised, grunge ‘Bittersweet Symphony’, so I guess that means that it embodies basically everything about Triple J’s late-90s alt-rock heyday, when alternative still mostly meant alternative. I was pretty surprised when the host said ‘….and that was Violent Soho’ when the song finished.

I’ll go buy the album now. This has to be one of the best Australian 90’s songs since the ’90s. Except how can I really judge that? My most vivid memory of the ’90s was getting scared witless by the rhino in James and the Giant Peach (actually what happened in the rest of that film? I left, screaming, after James’ parents were eaten by the rhino or something – shit like that just doesn’t happen in kids stories anymore).

If you like: the ’90s.

I know I’ve diverged a bit musically this week, but I will get back to posting new psych pretty soon, I promise.


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