Echoes of Rick Wright.

As I’m writing, #PinkFloyd is trending on Twitter following David Gilmour’s wife Polly Samson’s leaking of the news of a ‘new’ Floyd album, which is apparently to be released in October. But wait….Gilmour and Roger Waters aren’t exactly buds, and to be honest I have no idea what Nick Mason is up to at the moment; he seems to have kept a pretty low profile since appearing at the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics.

And of course, Rick Wright is no longer with us, Space Lord rest his soul.

And RIP that hair + beard combo. No homo.
And RIP that hair + beard combo. No homo.

So this must be a hoax, yeah?

Someone (someone horrible) must have hacked Polly Samson’s Twitter, right? There can’t be a new Pink Floyd album.

Not a ‘new’ new one, anyway. Thank the Space Gods.

It’ll be based upon some ambient instrumentals that were recorded during the Division Bell sessions in 1994. Waters was already long gone by ’94 (he left the band after 1983’s ill-recieved The Final Cut), so what we have here is the last (or at least most recent) unreleased material recorded by Gilmour, Mason and Wright as Pink Floyd before they officially disbanded in 1996.

So, really, it’s Rick Wright’s swan song (as the media have been calling it).

insert unfunny Led Zeppelin reference here
<insert unfunny Led Zeppelin reference here>


The tapes, originally dubbed ‘The Big Spliff’ (which I’m sure raises many peoples’ expectations) have no lyrics, so we can assume that Gilmour (and Mason?) will be adding vocals and little else to the recordings.

Roger Waters is apparently not involved in the project.

The album’s officially titled The Endless River, and it’s already got a sizeable Wikipedia page (which made researching the thing way easier. Man Wikipedia is great when you’re no longer a student).

So yeah, now to wait until October to see if it was all worthwhile. Let’s hope they don’t tarnish their legacy (or Rick Wright’s for that matter).



2 thoughts on “Echoes of Rick Wright.

  1. I was just as skeptical of the “new” album release. I just wonder how sales will be, it seems like people are excited… I guess we will have to wait til October.

  2. Yay, some recycled leftovers. And no, I’m not being sarcastic. That’s basically what they used to do in the 70’s.

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